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Fall Gardening To-Do List

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

It’s fall y’all! The weather is finally cooling down, and it’s time to get some fall garden work done.

Soil testing EarthMix garden soil

Test Your Garden Soil

Your soil worked hard this spring and summer producing veggies and blooms. Ask your local university extension office for a testing kit to test the pH of your soil. Adjust with amendments as needed to ensure a productive spring.

Plant a Tree

Trees and shrubs grow 85% of their roots over the winter season, making fall the ideal time to plant them. Optimize root growth by mixing 25% of EarthMix® Landscape™ or Garden™ mix in with native soil. This will encourage root development, especially in dense clay soils.

Fall tree planting EarthMix garden soil

Fertilize the Lawn

Similar to trees, cool season turf grass roots and rhizomes expand significantly in the fall and winter months. Fall is a great time to fertilize your lawn to encourage growth for a full, healthy lawn come spring. Spread a layer of EarthMix® Magic Mushroom Compost™ or Earthworm Castings to give your lawn the boost it needs this season.

Seeing any patches in your lawn? This is also a great time to reseed—just make sure that you are fertilizing as you do so.

EarthMix fall vegetable garden

Plant Fall Veggies

The season isn’t over yet! Fall veggies will have you eating fresh through November or even December. We suggest planting veggies with a short growing season-like lettuce and radishes. Brassicas like kale, cabbage, and cauliflower can withstand cooler temperatures, and make great late-season crops. Give your veggie garden a boost with EarthMix® Supernatural Compost™, which will give your fall vegetables the components they need to thrive.

Add Some Fall Color and Prepare for Spring

Annuals like pansies and mums add fall color to your garden or landscape. When you plant your annuals, place fall bulbs under the annual planting for spring blooms. You’ll want to prep your garden so that your seasonal annuals and fall (spring blooming) bulbs will thrive. Use EarthMix® Garden™ or Landscape™ to prepare your garden for spring. Planting in a container? Use Proganix-O to help your fall blooms and bulbs thrive.

Fall Container Planting

Bring Tropical Plants Inside

Bring your tropical plants and houseplants indoors! Repot them if needed before temperatures hit 40 degrees at night. EarthMix® Proganix-I™ is a complete indoor potting mix that will help your tropical plants and houseplants to over-winter successfully.

EarthMix indoor potting mix

Prune and Divide

You’ll want to divide your spring-blooming perennials in autumn. For perennials like iris and day lilies, divide the plants carefully and ensure that the transplanted portions are placed in nutrient-rich soil. Amending the soil with a product like EarthMix® Landscape™ or Garden™ will ensure healthy spring blooms.

Fall is also a great time to prune most trees. Since they aren’t putting any energy into leaf production, it’s a perfect time to cut back on some excess growth. Prune any wayward or crossing branches to achieve the shape and look that you desire. Just ensure that you are not cutting more than 1/3 of the tree back.

The season’s not over yet, folks. Do some fall garden work, and reap the benefits this season and next!

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