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EarthMix® - Let's start from the ground up

ABOUT EarthMix® Garden Products​

EarthMix® Garden Products proudly crafts some of the best and most sustainable garden amendments and garden soils on the market. From patiently aerated composts to sustainably produced garden soil mixes, attention and care is put into every batch of EarthMix®. Each component is carefully selected, prepared, and bagged at our facility in Nashville, Tennessee. Demanding gardeners and horticulturalists achieve the best and most consistent results using EarthMix® Garden Products. 

The EarthMix® Story

It all began with a vision to create soils with the future in mind. Garden soils that are sustainably produced, and soil amendments that have the rich microbiome needed to improve overall soil fertility and plant vitality. Our Nashville-made sustainable soil mixes are hand-crafted in small batches by gardeners for gardeners. They are always organically and locally sourced. EarthMix® garden soils are always biologically alive, with organic matter and nutrients essential to plant and soil health. EarthMix® soils and garden mixes are more than just dirt, and they're more than organic. EarthMix® products are sustainable growing mediums and amendments that make landscapes and gardens flourish-from the ground up. 

EarthMix® - More than dirt, it's a living soil
EarthMix® - Made by gardeners, for gardeners

EarthMix®-Now In a Store Near You!

EarthMix® garden soils and amendments are available in a number of garden centers and retail locations throughout the Southeast. Many of our products are also available in bulk to qualified businesses and landscaping companies in the greater Nashville region. 

Don't let your garden languish for another season. Find a purveyor of high-quality, sustainable, and organic soil products near you!

If you would like to sell EarthMix® at your retail location, click here​. 

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