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EarthMix® - More than dirt, it's living soil

Sustainably Produced

EarthMix® garden soils and amendments are more than organic, and they are far more than just dirt. Our philosophy is rooted in sustainability, and our practices ensure the utmost quality and fertility in our garden soils and amendments. 

Made by gardeners  for gardeners.

EarthMix® soil amendments are crafted in Nashville by gardeners and landscapers, for gardeners and landscapers. They are made with the finest ingredients using trusted processes that help gardens and landscapes flourish. 

More than Organic

EarthMix® garden products are more than organic, they are sustainable. They are made using all organic and sustainably sourced ingredients that are carefully chosen and mixed to make the most productive soils possible.

Sourced locally

EarthMix® garden soils and amendments are all sourced from within 100 miles of Nashville. We are proud to work with local growers and producers to upcycle organic ingredients into our compost and soil mixes.

Peat-free Soils and Amendments

Peat was long heralded as the solution to all gardening woes. This miracle substance is the product of millennia of decomposition of organic matter in peat bogs. The decomposed matter has a light, springy texture and is used to improve soil structure and to retain moisture.

However, peat is not a renewable resource. Research has shown that peat bogs play a crucial role in carbon sequestration, and that the degradation of these bogs is contributing significantly to the amount of greenhouse gases found in the atmosphere. These bogs are being depleted at alarming rates, and with a growth rate of just 1mm per year, are unable to regenerate to keep up with demand.

We don't use peat in our garden products. EarthMix® is committed to making peat-free garden soil. Instead we use alternatives like coconut coir and compost to improve soil structure and moisture-retention properties in our mixes. These products serve the same purpose as peat, but without the environmental price tag. 

Made with the future in mind.

In everything that we do, the future is a priority.


We create soil mixes that support the vitality of your garden and landscape for years to come.

We source locally to support a thriving community of regional businesses that care for the land.

We use all sustainable ingredients that enhance the health of our planet. We want Earth to be beautiful and bountiful for generations to come.

The EarthMix® Story

Twenty years ago it became clear there was much deception and overstatement in the realm of soils and amendments. With manufacturers selling products labeled “Topsoil” and “Soil Conditioner” you would naturally believe these products would certainly contain topsoil and actually condition the soil. Not necessarily true. In fact, products with these generic names typically spell death for many plants. They are biologically dead ‘growing’ mediums comprised of somewhat composted waste wood products and sand. They serve no purpose other than to take up space. Not only are they non-conducive to optimal growth; most things planted in these products quickly wither. There are two things you can say for them: They are very cheap and the “Big Boxes” sell a lot.

The objective for which EarthMix® Garden Products strives is to produce the finest growing medias, amendments, and mulches using the best and most desirable horticultural components available. The goal is to produce products that are superior in every way to the approach large manufacturers often apply. We want plants to thrive, not merely survive. The processes we employ are with organic gardeners and horticulturalist’s best practices in mind. We use no chemical additives. We use no filler products such as sand or sawdust. We obtain the best components for our mixes direct from the mushroom, earthworm and small plantation pine tree growers. We produce our own leaf compost and screened native Tennessee soil. We blend, mix, screen, bag, palletize, stretch-wrap and warehouse every EarthMix® product here at our Nashville facility. 


We are local.

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