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Fall Gardening: What to Plant Now

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Although it's still quite warm here in Nashville, we're busy prepping our gardens for fall planting. From veggies to flower bulbs to colorful ornamentals-we still have about a month of viable planting time left. Here's some tips on what to plant this fall in your garden.


Different seeds germinate better under different conditions, so pay close attention when choosing your fall veggies. Go with varieties that can germinate during hotter and dryer weather and withstand cold temperatures and even frost once they reach maturity. We recommend brassicas like kale, collard greens, broccoli, and cabbage for fall planting. Fall vegetables with a short growing season like hardy lettuces also do well. Tennessee Extension has some really helpful fall planting materials, view their fall planting guide here and a vegetable garden calendar here.

Adding a bit of Garden™ topsoil to your raised bed or garden will help your veggies to grow vigorously for one last harvest. At the end of the vegetable gardening season, turn some Supernatural™ organic compost into the soil to improve the soil composition for next spring.

Flower Bulbs

Plan ahead with some fall (spring blooming) flower bulbs! Daffodil, dahlia, tulip, and lily bulbs can all be planted in the fall for stunning blooms in the spring. Research your hardiness zone to learn about other fall bulbs that thrive in your region. Prepare those bulbs for success with an addition of Garden™ topsoil or Supernatural™organic compost. These amendments will help with soil health and structure, fostering abundant blooms come springtime.

Seasonal Annual Plants

Just because spring and summer are over doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice color in your garden! A planting of fall annuals-whether it be bright pansies, vibrant dahlias, or classic mums, will keep your landscape looking fresh. Ensure that your annual blooms last all fall season with the addition of some Supernatural™ organic compost or Garden™ topsoil to give your soil an extra boost. Planting in containers? Try Proganix-O™ garden mix. The vermiculite and perlite allows for better soil drainage and moisture retention in your potted garden.


Trees grow 85% of their root systems over the winter months. Since trees are dormant (with no leaves) in the winter, they focus their efforts underground. That coupled with typically cooler and wetter weather in the winter months make fall an ideal time to plant a tree.

Many soils don't need amendments when planting a tree. However, for the heavy clay found in and around Middle Tennessee, we do recommend mixing your backfill soil with some Landscape™ mix or Garden™ topsoil to encourage healthy root growth. We recommend about a 25% amendment to 75% native soil mix. This gives the soil just a bit more structure and nutrients to help stimulate root growth. Garden™ soil mix actually contains native Tennessee topsoil, and will give your tree that little extra oomph it needs for robust root growth.

Now get out there and garden! EarthMix® garden products are here to help your plants achieve their maximum potential. Whether you're hoping for one last veggie harvest or potting up some mums for the front porch, we're here to make sure that your plants don't just survive-they thrive.

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