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How to Repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

When repotting a fiddle leaf fig (or any houseplant), it is important to use a quality potting medium so that your plants can thrive. Good quality potting mixes will be light enough that roots can breath in their new containers, but will also be packed with nutrients to feed plants for vibrant foliage and healthy new growth. EarthMix® Proganix-I™ feeds houseplants with slow-release nutrients so that they can continue growing and flourishing in the months ahead with no added fertilizer needed. It is light enough for most houseplants, and can be mixed with a chunkier orchid or cactus mix for houseplants needing a lighter potting mix.

Key ingredients in Proganix-I:Veragra™ earthworm castings

  • Coconut fiber-As a sustainable alternative to peat moss, coconut fiber lightens the mix while also improving soil retention. Its anti-fungal properties also reduces the risk of rot and fungal pathogens (including pesky fungus gnats!). Learn more here.

  • EnLighten™ expanded shale-Expanded shale adds minerals to the potting medium, but also lightens it organically, creating space in the mix for roots to grow. Learn more here.

  • Endo and ecto mycorrhizae fungi-These beneficial fungi are essential for helping roots to thrive. They create pathways for the root systems, allowing them to absorb nutrients more efficiently. Learn more here.

  • Vermiculite-Vermiculite aerates the potting mix and helps with moisture and nutrient absorption.

  • Perlite-Vermiculite aerates the potting mix and helps with moisture and nutrient absorption.

  • Organic Fertilizer-Organic fertilizer feeds the plants naturally through slowly releasing nutrients and minerals needed for optimal plant health.

Learn how to repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig here:

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